Flat-Tip Benefits:
  • 100% Remy human hair: 25 pcs per pack (0.7-1.0 grams per strand) - 5-10 packs for full installation, depending on thickness of hair). All Parrisxtensions Flat-Tip hair extensions are strictly made with only 100% Remy hair that has never been treated or processed beyond its gentle coloring and moisturizing. This gives you top-quality hair at the most competitive price in the industry.
  • Combines the advantages of Tape-In and I-Link methods: Parrisxtensions Flat-Tip Extensions give the flat, comfortable feel of Tape-Ins while maintaining a 360° movement with the same strand-by-strand method as I-Link extensions. It gives the best of both methods.
  • Removal & reinstallation: 1-3 times: Parrisxtensions Flat-Tip Hair Extensions are installed using A Loop Tool, Hair Extension Tool, and Hair Extension Beads. Hair can be removed using Parrisxtensions Hair Extension Tool. The Flat-Tip Hair Extensions can be reinstalled using new hair extension beads.
  • Strand-by-strand method: Parrisxtensions Flat-Tip Hair Extensions are pre-tipped for easy application and removal. They are installed in the hair using a strand-by-strand method. This allows for 360 degrees of natural hair movement for clients. This method of installation allows you to wear your hair up or down without exposing extension bonds.
  • Long-Lasting: Parrisxtensions Flat-Tip Extensions last 3-6 months per installation and can be reused 1-3 times. The beads can be removed, and new ones reapplied, allowing the hair extensions to be reinstalled.

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