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Personally, I have always felt hair has always been an artform in and of itself. Whether it was Aaliyah’s iconic dark hair with a side part, Mariah Carey’s luscious curls, or trying desperately to figure out if Beyonce’s hair was real or not. 


I have always been fascinated with how hair can completely transform a look.


For centuries beauty has been a way to express ourselves and create art at the same time. As a black trans woman it also serves as a means of survival, as our community’s femininity has always been linked to how accepted and safe we are in society. In the end, no matter who you are or what you look like, we all are subjected to unrealistic beauty standards in some way throughout our respective journeys through life.


I founded Parrisxtensions because I am a black trans woman who was tired of being exploited, and not being given an adequate voice. My mission in founding my company was not only to give everyone a chance to express themselves with a high-end hair boutique but to also help them tap into their own version of beauty and self-awareness. 

Our mission

Our mission at Parrisxtensions is to inspire, motivate, and provide the highest quality beauty products on the market. We support hustlers and entrepreneurs who work every day to achieve their dreams and that includes those who work a 9-5 as well! When you wear our products, you are channeling the energy of every boss babe who gets things done no matter what stands in their way. 

About me 

My name’s Parris and I am a black trans woman. I exist in the intersection of all 3 and thus have dealt with the trials and tribulations of such; however, I don’t consider myself a victim but rather one who has embraced life's experiences whether positive or negative to empower me into who I am today. 


I have a deep passion for hair and its ability to transform a look, and ultimately, a mood. 


When I began my journey, beauty acted as a sort of shield when I would get looks or stares in public. When I rocked my Parrisxtensions, it didn’t matter what anyone thought of me because I felt like a queen, and at the end of the day, it’s how we feel about ourselves that matters the most. 


I hope that when you wear my hair, lashes, or other products you feel that same confidence in yourself and feel like you can conquer the world. We all deserve a seat at the table, and I invite you to come help build our own, because we all deserve to explore our individual beauty. 


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